Oct 152010

Search Engine Optimization is quite simply optimizing your website to achieve better results in the natural search results. Companies like mine use what are known as SEO White Hat methods which means that we use techniques that search engines recommend as part of website design. These techniques tend to be quite involved and in some cases may take time to achieve top ranking results with the knowledge that once you achieve the high rankings they should last for long periods of time.

Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms which means that we must stay on top of these changes in addition to employing many different techniques that can be quite involved and time consuming to help you achieve the very top rankings, but there are actually three time-tested methods that you can use today to help improve your rankings in the search engines. In today’s blog post, I will discuss the first method.

Website content
This is probably the easiest method, but it is often overlooked. Many times a company will put up what we call a brochure website with a company overview of products and services, and then they will hardly touch it again for years…the old build it, and they will come adage. Unless you are in a very small niche category, you will slowly fade away into the results where no one will ever find you.

Instead you need to follow another great adage…content is king. Your content needs to be deep – tons of information covering not only the aspects of your company but of your industry along with tips and helpful knowledge that people will seek out and find easy to read and understand. In addition it needs to be fresh – meaning you are constantly changing and updating your content. But to be clear – do not write for the search engines: write for your prospective clients. Give them information that is useful and provide helpful information that you consider an add-on to your products and/or services. It is really just that easy, and here are some simple ways you can provide this type of content.

  • Blogs such as this where you can provide new content, advice, tips, recommendations, industry updates, etc.
  • Newsletter and press releases
  • Place unique content on your social media marketing sites, and link them together – keep it more informational than promotional. Remember you are building relationships
  • Provide whitepapers, resources, education, and information
  • When you update and/or add new products/services, then make sure you update your site

Follow these examples along with other creative ideas that you can dream up, and you will be well on your way to improving your search engine optimization. In the next SEO blog post, we will discuss website design and code.