Apr 012011

The link to the article below discusses recent lost or stolen laptops that were not encrypted.  I have written about the need for encryption many times and not just laptops.  As easy as it is to lose a laptop, it is also not hard for thieves to break into your office and steal desktops, servers, etc containing sensitive information.  In fact this type of theft is becoming more prevalent because there is very little in the way of protection for these devices, and it is an easy way to access client personal data such as bank account info.  

Encryption is one of the cheapest and best ways to protect your small business.  Take a look at my 5 Step Data Security Plan for Small Businesses for tips on encryption as well as other steps you can take to protect your small business

Article snippet and full article link below. 

“The continuing failure by most enterprises to encrypt sensitive data stored on laptops and other mobile devices is inexcusable, analysts said following BP’s disclosure this week of a data compromise involving a lost laptop.

The computer contained unencrypted personal data such as names, Social Security numbers and dates of birth belonging to about 13,000 individuals who had submitted claims with the company over last year’s disastrous oil spill.

According to BP, an employee lost the laptop while on routine business travel.

The company is only the latest in a long list of organizations that have made similar announcements over the past several years. In fact, data compromises involving lost or stolen laptops, unencrypted storage disks, and other mobile devices account for a substantial…”

via Failure to encrypt portable devices inexcusable, say analysts – Computerworld.