Apr 112011

Recently I wrote a blog post detailing how important website content is to your SEO rankings, along with good website code and link building. In this post I am detailing several items which will NOT help your SEO results and in fact could hurt you.

  1. Link exchanges – Swapping links with other websites is not going to help you, and in some cases, depending on the type of sites, it could hurt your SEO efforts. The only time link swapping makes sense is if the website you link to provides value to your website users and vice versa.
  2. Not updating your content – If you have very little competition for your targeted SEO keywords, then you may be able to slide by with just putting up a website and leaving it. But for the majority of small business websites, you will need to update your content on a fairly regular basis, and minor changes/updates do not count. You need to add new content webpages. Check out my other blog posts for tips on how to do this with tools such as blogs, news, PR articles, etc.
  3. Stuffing your keyword meta tags – Adding a ton of keywords in your keyword meta tags will not help your SEO rankings. Old habits die hard so I still add them to some of my website pages, but it makes absolutely no difference.
  4. Stuffing your website content with keywords – You definitely do not want to stuff your website pages with too many keywords, and there are two elements to this statement. The first element focuses on the fact that you should only target one or two keywords or phrases per webpage. The second element consists of not stuffing or overusing these same keywords or keyphrases on the webpage. For one thing the content will not read well to your target audience, and in fact stuffing keywords on a webpage could hurt your SEO results.
  5. Adding alt tags to your non-clickable images – This is a minor one, but it will not help your SEO rankings. From a proper coding standpoint, you should still do it, but do not expect it to make a difference in your rankings. If the image is a clickable link, then it will help you from an SEO standpoint.
  6. Broken links – Run a link checker on your website to make sure you have no broken links. This is poor website coding, and it will hurt your SEO efforts.

Remember one of the most important items for search engine optimization (SEO) is time. It takes time and consistency to achieve good SEO results. Follow my tips on what to do and avoid what not to do, and you will see improvements in your SEO results.