Sep 162011

Organizations Experiencing Breaches Lost an Average of 388,000 Records per Day Over Past Six Years According to Largest Study of Its Kind – This article covers a report that examines the leading causes of data breaches over a six year period. Although the study is focused on large organizations, it can still give small businesses an idea of areas of high risk where they should spend their security budgets.

Social Media Report: Spending Time, Money and Going Mobile – This is a good report that small business should pay attention to on the topic of social marketing. One highlight from the study is that people spend nearly a quarter of their time online visting social networks and blogs.

Twitter is releasing web analytics

Identity theft puts small businesses at risk – This article lists some common scams criminals are using to target small businesses.

Survey: Many Small Businesses Not Prepared for Data Disaster – This article provides some statistics on small business disaster preparedness. If you have not already, take a look at my 5 Step Data Security Plan for Small Businesses. I discuss backing up your data in addition to putting together a disaster recovery plan.