Nov 072010

In Part 1 of my series on how to improve your search engine rankings, I covered website content. Part II covered website code. In part III of my series on how to improves your rankings in the search engines, I will discuss how to increase your link popularity.

The more quality links you have pointing to your website will increase what is known as site authority, and this will be another factor in increasing your site rankings in the search engines. Before I discuss some easy steps to increasing your rankings, let’s discuss what will not work – link swapping. Just as an inbound link will increase your site authority, an outbound link will decrease the equation and link exchanges are largely ignored by search engines anyway. So what are some easy ways to increase the links pointing to your site.

  1. Good content – Provide interesting and helpful content, and people will naturally link back to your site because of the value your site provides. This is the strongest way to increase your site rankings in the search engines, and it should also be the goal of every website owner, but it also takes time so let’s talk about some quicker methods.
  2. Free website directories – There are quite a few free directories that you should submit your site to such as,, and Just find the right category for your site, and follow the site submission guidelines.
  3. Paid website directories – There are also quite a few excellent paid directories such as the Yahoo directory, Best of the Web, Joe Ant, and Once again find the correct category for your site and follow the submission guidelines.
  4. Additional directories – You should also look for local city directories where your company is located, and if you have a blog here is a page with links to blog directories.
  5. Check your competitor’s links – Find the sites that are linking to your competitor’s site, and if it makes sense (such as a site that links to companies in a certain business category), then send an email to the site owner requesting a link to your site as well. There is no need to offer a link swap. Keep it short, be polite, and request a link to your site explaining what your company has to offer. In order to find out what sites are linking to your competitor’s site, just go to Google, and put in the following code: link:

It takes time to build links to your site, but combine your increased links along with good, fresh website content and correct website code, and you will be well on your way to increasing your website rankings in the search engines.