Jan 132011

I think this is the last 2011 trends article I am going to post as they are all starting to run together now with the same information.  But this is a good article which once again emphasizes the importance of how social media will play a part in 2011 marketing strategies for small businesses.  And yes I agree, and I have written about it many times in my blog as well.

In addition I just want to emphasize, although yes social marketing and internet marketing should play a big part in your marketing programs moving forward, do not let it overwhelm you.  I recently wrote about excuses small businesses make to avoid getting online in a recent blog post.  Quality online social connections will matter, but at the same time do not feel like you have to go out and join every social website out there.  I say this in almost every blog post I make about the subject:  pick one or two social sites, master them first, and then expand.  You will experience good progress using this strategy, learn how everything works, and most importantly build your confidence, which will enable you to avoid abandoning the strategy as many others will if they try to do too much at once.

Article quote and link:

“As the global economy struggles to correct itself, and social-media marketing becomes a strategic imperative, small businesses will have exciting opportunities to expand in new directions this year.

The need for trust, value and brand transparency, among other trends from last year, are just as important today. But the current shift to geotargeting, mobile marketing and online reputation management require that small businesses modify their plans to surpass competitors.

Here are 10 marketing trends that small businesses should incorporate now to be positioned for success from the start.”

via 10 Marketing Trends for 2011.