Feb 072011

Do you have articles or press releases on your website? If you do then you might want to consider adding a comments section to allow your website readers to interact with you. Here are three comments programs you can add to your website.

HTML Comment Box – is a free comments box, and you just need a Google account to be able to moderate comments. This option is pretty simple, and you just copy the code provided to the website page where you would like to add a comments box.

PHP Jabbers’ Post Comment – Post Comments requires a one time fee, but it is a very robust solution offering several features such as Captcha protection to deal with spam, comment approval, captures detailed user comment information, etc. They offer a one user license at $25 or a developer’s license at $49.

DiscussIt – This is another robust solution offering author reputation, ability to insert polls, edit/remove posts, etc. They offer a free option, basic option priced at $4.99/month, and an enterprise option – you have to contact them for pricing.