Social Media Marketing

Prospective customers are online right now potentially discussing your company's offerings or your competitor's offerings in their social networks. Are you effectively engaging customers in this medium and managing your reputation?

Social media marketing is simply utilizing the online social mediums to build relationships with your customers who in turn promote you to others in their social network

As part of our 3-Tiered Online Marketing package, our social media marketing approach involves more than just setting up a Facebook account and inviting people to fan you. Instead we create a complete online social marketing experience that allows you to engage your customer and build an online relationship. For example you create a video of a new product or service and link it in YouTube. You then create a blog post explaining the new product or service and link to the YouTube video. You then Tweet a link to your blog post referencing the new product or service and offer a discount to people who fan you on Facebook to learn more about your new product and service.

This example is only part of the social media marketing equation, and in fact advertising is only a small part as you look to establish lifelong relationships with your customers who in turn will promote you to other prospective customers in their social network. With the Wilkins Consulting social marketing program, we assure that you are both reactive - monitoring and responding to what your customers are saying about you online in the proper manner, and proactive - reaching out to your customers and building relationships.

Our Social Media Marketing Programs

  • Blogging - creating dynamic content that allows you to engage customers and drives them to follow you.
  • Twitter, Facebook and others - reaching out to customers in their social networks and driving them to follow and promote you to their network.
  • LinkedIn - the number one B2B social marketing network.
  • Sharing your content (Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit , etc) - allowing users to share your information and offerings with one click of a button.
  • YouTube - Distributing videos of your product and service offerings as well as informational videos.
  • Distributing your news items in online PR and blogging sites like Technorati.
  • Forum marketing - do you have specific online forums that pertain to your business or community?
  • And there is much more, but the most important part is linking your entire online social network together and allowing it to do the work for you.

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