Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a straightforward process of optimizing your website to rank high in the natural search results for keywords or key phrases, or quite simply to make your website search engine friendly.

How a search engine works
Search engines use programs called spiders to crawl the web indexing content to display in the search results.

What we will help you do to rank well in the search engines

  • Search Engine Friendly Website code - Using correct code such as alt image tags for clickable images, meta data, etc and eliminating mistakes like broken links. Quick tip: Stuffing your keyword meta tags will do you no good for SEO.
  • Search Engine Friendly Website Content - Content needs to deep and meaningful to your target audience, and it needs to be updated constantly with "fresh" content.
  • Link popularity - You need targeted links from quality websites

Keyword/Key phrase Research
How do your prospective customers find you? We research and identify the keyword phrases, your potential customers will search for in order to find your company's product and service offerings. Bottom line: If the keyword phrase is not on your site, then your prospective customers will not find you - which brings us to website content.

Search Engine Friendly Website Content
As mentioned above the content needs to be on your site if your prospective customer is going to find you. Generally speaking a web page on your site should only target 1 - 2 keyword phrases. Website content should also read well to persuade your prospective customers in addition to providing a call to action so they will contact you. And finally content should be updated frequently to provide fresh content for the search engines to crawl and index. Examples of fresh content could be blogging, newsletter articles, news releases, and updating new products and/or services.

Search Engine Friendly Website Code
Website code is the text behind the scenes that the search engines views and crawls. Your code needs to be correct in order to provide a convenient experience with your website for both your prospective clients as well as the search engines. Examples of website code include:

  • Meta tags - Title tags and description tags. Meta tags tell search engines the content that should exist on each web page.
  • Alt image tags for clickable images - When a user scrolls over an image, an alt image tag provides a description of the image for the search engine spider in addition to the user.
  • Permanent 301 redirect from your non www url to your www url

These are just a few examples of what is involved in website code, and it is important to both your prospective customer as well as the search engine spiders that your code be correct and error free.

Link Building
Hint: Swapping links with another site will do you little good and can oftentimes be harmful. Your goal is to have quality websites link to your site, and sites with similar content can provide added value. The more sites you have linking to your site will increase your link popularity. This in turn will increase your website authority with search engines allowing you to rank higher in the natural search results. We will provide you with a targeted link building program acquiring links from directories, news sites, and other sites relevant to your industry and targeted audience.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Search Engine Marketing is the practice of paying for sponsored ads that are located in highly visible areas of the search engine results. Since more people will click on the natural search engine results, we recommend SEO for our clients, but in some cases paying for sponsored ads will make sense for your online marketing strategy.

When SEM makes sense for our clients

  • If you have a new website. It takes time to establish your site in the natural search results.
  • Highly competitive keywords or key phrases

We can help you develop creative for your ad in addition to effectively monitoring and managing your online pay per click account.

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